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Organize your email differently

Taglocity is an Outlook add-on designed to reduce 'email overload' for office workers, and improve your email experience in general.

Taglocity adds a toolbar and resizeable side panel to Outlook. If you also install Windows Search 3.0, you can use the search tool, which pops up a window with your results and some tools to narrow down your search by time, date or tag.

Tags are the major feature of Taglocity, and will determine whether you want to use it or not. Tags are designed to cut 'email overload' by filtering messages that are cent 'CC:' to everyone in an office. You can create tags and groups of tags to filter how you receive your email and where, so you don't have to spend ages trawling through email you don't need to read every morning.

That is the theory. The problem with Taglocity is that on installation, despite a series of online tutorials, the tag system is unclear and complex. When you do understand it you have to spend quite a lot of time setting up your tags. For a time saving tool, you have to invest a great deal of energy to get going! If your office as a whole decided to use Taglocity, its usefulness would increase, but for solo use its quite limited, and the contact profile, statistics and search tools are done much better in the Xobni add-on. Both add-ons show 'conversation's between you and any of your contacts, and Taglocity's version does not stand up to the comparison.

It is also necessary to register an account to start, which is simple enough, although it adds another barrier to ease of use for Taglocity.

If you don't like Outlook (who does?), and like tagging, you'll love Taglocity. We felt it failed to simplify email as well as the competition.


  • Improves Outlook search
  • Clean, attractive design


  • Over complicated
  • Lacks the advantages of its competition


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Taglocity 2.0 for PC


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